EU Gambling

Online gambling is still a very young topic in a lot of countries and some are not fully sure about how to regulate this activity. This is very prominent in Europe where each country is not just concerned about what their needs are internally but also for the needs of the bigger organization of countries which is the EU. EGBA is aiming to help the countries analyze these things out.


EGBA stands for European Gaming and Betting Association. This is an organization set up by gaming operators in Europe and they are tasked to protect and preserve the interests of the gamblers that are situated in Europe. They are nonprofit but they have members with vested interests to protect the online gambling industry in Europe as it is a major revenue source for each country.

The position of EGBA

EGBA's stance on the Article 49 of the treaty of the European Council is that there should be a free and open market for the various services inside the UE and online casinos are samples o the free market exchange. EGBA is not seeking to force the online gambling on countries that have already banned the said activity on their jurisdictions. However, they aim to overturn those practices that are discriminatory like allowing the operations for the online gaming yet preventing any local gaming setups to be operated.

Currently, the organization is making some investigations on the anti-gambling laws in Sweden and Germany. These two countries made restrictions for outside gambling online while keeping the internet gambling that is government sponsored. The EGBA will continuously find double standards across Europe wherever they may be in the continent.