Casino Jurisdiction

A list of areas across the world that allow online casinos but with particular regulations placed upon them. These local governments create various licensing and regulatory bodies so the operations of the online establishments that are within the scope of power will be regulated.


So, if a certain company or group of people decides to make a casino site, they have to file an application to get a license from the regulatory body. These gaming bodies are tasked to make sure that before any licenses are released, the company has secured all required data regarding their plan, the system they will be using and many others. There are others however that does not require any kind of checks to grant a license.

That being said, the online players are given the task to be watchful of the casino sites that they go to. They need to know if the casino is licensed or not. If you play in a casino without any guidance from a reputable body, then you are risking yourself of being taken advantage by the casino since it is much more rampant in casinos that are not regulated and you have no regulatory body to back you up.

Aspects for gambling regulation

There are 3 critical areas that are checked by various online gambling regulatory bodies. First is the promoter's background. Second is the fairness of each game in the casino and also the intentions. Lastly, there is the payout system for the players. For the regulation committee to make an investigation for the first factor, they need to have extensive data regarding the past and present activities of the person or the organization. They should secure their financial statements. Most of the time, third party establishments do this background checking to verify their credibility, and then provide recommendations to the body.

When it comes to the fairness factor, the games should have a random number generator test as well as analysis of the risks before making any final decisions about licensing. It is also necessary that the company has a strong rules and guidelines and transparent system for all their members regarding payouts. Once the license has been filed, it does not stop there. Every month, there will be a third party audit check. This will ensure that the last part is done consistently. The good thing with a regulatory body is that if there are any disputes on the part of players, they can go to the online gambling body that will then make sure that the regulations are followed.

Some jurisdictions known for their reputation are Curacao, Antigua and Barbuda as well as Malta. In A&B, there is the Division of Gaming that was developed in 1994. Khanawake in Canada holds the largest gaming jurisdiction with over a hundred licensed casinos that are connected to the organization. In Curacao, there is the Internet Gaming Association connected to the Netherlands Antilles and was developed in 2001. Malta has the Lotteries and Gaming Authority formed in 2001.