Become a Blackjack Winner

So, you want to make more money at the casino blackjack table but you’re not sure how. Well, fortunately for you this article has been written with you in mind. However, don’t expect some secret formula that will guarantee you a profit every time, what’s being offered here is a more profitable way to think about the game.

For most beginners the game of blackjack is one where the luckier of the two combatants (the player and the dealer) wins the hand. However, what they fail to sometimes realise is that the dynamics of the game are skewed to give the dealer a slight edge. While only minimal, it’s enough to make you an underdog in the long run.

Although this may seem like a reason to not play at all, it’s actually something that allows a skilled player to implement some of their tactics at the table. From strategy charts to card counting techniques, there are numerous ways in which you can nullify the dealer’s advantage and turn the tables in your favour.

Knowing which approach to take will depend on your skill level, as it’s often very tough for a beginner to implement the techniques of a professional card counter because of the processes involved. For this reason most aspiring players will use strategy sheets to guide their play. These charts tell a player when it’s best to hit and when it’s best to stand based on the mathematics of the situation.

What both these techniques have in common though is that they require the play to do one thing: focus on the dealer’s card. This skill is the most important thing a beginner needs to learn if they want to become a better blackjack player. Each decision you make will be influenced by the value of their up card.

For example, if the dealer is weak (holding a card such as a 2 or 3), then you can stand on totals which you wouldn’t normally, such as 13 and 14. In contrast, if the dealer is strong (showing a 9, 10 or ace), then it’s likely you’ll need to hit on a total of 17.

Becoming a better blackjack player takes time and experience, but if you can adjust your mindset to focus on the dealer’s card then you’ll find it much easier to make profitable decisions.